Learn Elliott Wave: Become A Professional Trader or Analyst

Learn Elliott Wave: Become A Professional Trader or Analyst

See why 90% Of Bank Analysts Use Wave Theory To Forecast Trends And Consolidations


The Elliott Wave Principle has been used by major Institutional Traders from Paul Tudor Jones, who predicted the 1987 Stock Market crash, to George Soros, to Marty Schwartz and more recently Ramki a former analyst with Chase Manhattan now JPM.

Elliott Wave was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott who catalogued 75 years of stock market behaviour. This form of analysis plays a major role in behavioural finance today and most professional traders are required to have some knowledge on this subject. Not only will it save you a lot of losses but you will become aware when to stay out of the market and when to get in. In other words you graduate from a pig into a sheep dog, keeping the herd in line.

I have been a professional trader for a little over a decade, I have worked with both Hedgefunds and Institutional financiers. I successfully used Elliott Wave in 2014 to predict the drop of the Australian Dollar versus the US Dollar to 68c from its highs of 81c, at the time this was almost impossible to imagine, as I also predicted the Pounds decline to 1.52 that same year from 1.7100. See the 2014 video Elliott Wave has brought me a lot of trading success and those of my clients, a great compliment to any trading idea for established traders not yet reaping the potential gains in the multi asset arena. New beginners will do well to start from here.

The course has been designed to be simple intuitive and easy for everyone to grasp. There are real practical working methods which also show you how you can position in relation to managing risk. If there is any other content you would like us to include, I am happy to keep updating lectures. I expect on completion you will be a very capable multi-asset trader with good risk and application concepts when trading Elliott Wave in global markets.

What you will learn

  • Learn a Macro approach to trading.
  • Learn to analyze the like path of money flow based on the market cycle
  • Know when a market is over-valued or about to be marked up
  • See the big picture that aids your smaller picture

Remember to check the resource section for your updated Discord link if you have questions, we are always happy to support new traders.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to become a professional Trader or Market Analyst
  • Anyone who simply wants to manage a private portfolio or fund

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