Philippe Cahen – Dynamic Technical Analysis

Philippe Cahen – Dynamic Technical Analysis

Gets traders and investors up to speed on the hottest new approach to predicting the markets

One of the most talked-about new forecasting tools in today’s international markets, dynamic technical analysis (DTA) arms traders and investors with unprecedented insights into market volatility, price changes, and market trends. DTA is also a valuable money management tool and is much easier for money managers to master than traditional technical analysis techniques. The first practical introduction to this powerful new approach, Dynamic Technical Analysis provides readers with all the tools and know-how necessary to unlock the full power of DTA.

  • The only guide devoted exclusively to a powerful new forecasting technique
  • Uses numerous real-world trading examples to quickly acquaint readers with state-of-the art DTA principles and practices

Phillippe Cahen (Paris, France) is Head of Technical Analysis for Credit Lyonnais Capital Markets in Paris

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From the Inside Flap

Dynamic Technical Analysis (DTA) is an exciting new progression from the well-established technique of Technical Analysis (TA). The charts used in TA have long been a useful timing tool, enabling the speculator to isolate the periods of major price moves and identify the key price-influencing factors.

The much-talked-about new technique of DTA gives the market player more confidence in entering or exiting a market when compared to TA. All in all, Dynamic Technical Analysis offers the reader a successful way for using technical analysis.

From the Back Cover

Dynamic Technical Analysis (DTA) is a powerful tool which allows traders and investors to predict market trends. Written by the Head of Technical Analysis at Credit Lyonnais Capital Markets in Paris, Philippe Cahen’s book provides the tools for a new and robust way of predicting markets.

Dynamic Technical Analysis

  • Provides volatility results immediately
  • Provides excellent results for speculators and investors
  • Uses several parameters to predict price changes
  • Provides results which can be fine-tuned to improve on the original forecast
  • Allows differentiation between various kinds of market participants

Dynamic Technical Analysis is a practical book which describes many methods and analyses results from real situations. It can be used to analyse market changes over fifteen minutes or up to several weeks, depending on your needs. Traders, analysts, portfolio managers and bankers, as well as private investors, will all find this book invaluable

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