Rise2learn – Learn how to trade single options – rocket strategy

Rise2learn – Learn how to trade single options – rocket strategy

In this live class, you will learn the right way to trade single options. You will learn how to choose which single options to buy, how to reduce the theta problem, and how to create a rocket strategy to trading single options.

What You’ll Learn In Learn how to trade single options – rocket strategy?

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Big Picture to Trading Single Call Options

  • What most people are when trading singles
  • Success is counterintuitive & why most people fail
  • Problem: Theta, Vega, Understanding Values, Probabilities, Number of Occurrences

Getting Started with Options

  • Buying a single call and how much it costs
  • Cost of 100 shares of stock
  • Real world of trading options
  • Basics & major risks with single Options
  • Strike price basics with Calls & Puts

Understading Time Decay of Options

  • Options decay curve & steps
  • Options chain on Theta
  • Biggest problem with buying
  • Buyer of a call & seller of a put
  • Know more about advanced Options Strategies

Looking at Probabilities of Success

  • Why do probabilities SUCK with singles
  • Your True Probabilities
  • Calculating the actual move

Choosing the Right Options Trade

  • Learn the duration for your single call or theta decay
  • What Delta to pick whe trading?
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Value
  • Note on Cheap Options

How Do We Increase Our Chances

  • Increasing your probabilities
  • Kill the Theta problem
  • 5 ways a stock can move
  • Buy a Call vs Sell Put Verticals
  • Benefit of selling Put Verticals
  • Combination = Rocket Strategy
  • Increase Odds with Singles

Action Steps

  • Step 1: Choose a Vehicle to Trade
  • Step 2: Pick a Direction (Calls/Puts)
  • Step 3: Sell Vertical Puts
  • Step 4. Buy a Call
  • Step 5. Balance the Position
  • Step 6. Execute the Trade
  • Step 7. Taking the Trade Off

Advanced Concepts

  • Advanced Concept 1: Mixing Single Options
  • Advanced Concept 2: Using Butterflies

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Rise2learn – Learn how to trade single options – rocket strategy

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