Steve Copan – The Market Matrix

Steve Copan – The Market Matrix

The Market Matrix is a very powerful tool for all traders, powerful enough to predict future prices and direction changes on any stock, currency, or commodity in the world. The Foundations of the Market Matrix is built upon the Natural Time cycles of life that where created with the formation of the universe, combined with simple mathematics and natural law that has been around since Time began. The Matrix Cycles™ and the simple logical Matrix tools can be used with incredible accuracy in any financial market by anyone.

The Market Matrix Book has 138 packed pages, 8 chapters and 83 full colour charts as well as other high quality colour chart illustrations.

The Book starts by going through the build up of the Matrix Cycles™ explaining why they are there and there specific time structure. Then there is the solving of the Matrix Cycles on the S&P-500 cash chart and the specific Matrix rules within these cycles. All the Matrix rules are explained and shown as well a special section with a separate page dedicated to each of the individual Matrix rules with full colour charts making it very easy to understand and reference quickly.

There is a whole chapter on Fibonacci with the percentage ratios, number sequences including the Twins and even LUCAS numbers are explained and the linking relationship to the Matrix points within the Matrix cycles with Fibonacci and Lucas.

There is a dedicated chapter on Elliott waves with full colour charts showing the wave structures and the various patterns that can occur and reference to the special Matrix rule that is there because of the result of certain Elliott waves. Elliott waves are shown on real charts and even includes the wave structure on the Gold chart to the recent $1000+ highs.

There is also a special dedicated chapter to a simple trading method using the Matrix cycles that will allow you to trade the MC1 and the MC2 Matrix cycles easily without having to use many of the other Matrix tools. This method is so easy and allows the complete Matrix beginner to get trading and making profit before they have fully mastered all the Market Matrix.

Everything from Matrix cycles, Extra/inversion points, Fibonacci numbers and percentage, Lucas numbers, Fibonacci Vortex, Symmetrical triangles, Time counts, Time clusters, Price clusters, Squaring of price & time and Elliott waves is explained in the book with all the specific logical Matrix rules in full colour.

When gold was trading in the $250-$300 in 2001, the Market Matrix predicted it would trade at over $1000 by 2008, and that Oil would also be over $100 by the same time, it was laughed upon. Those who did not listen to the Matrix predictions are not laughing now.

Back in 1997 when Steve created the Market Matrix he used the Matrix to predict a number of future events like the year 2000 would see a top in the markets followed by the markets dropping hard for a couple of years to 2003 and then after recovering the year 2008 would be the start of a financial crisis that will rock the world. To be that accurate and to the exact years and to make those predictions in 1997 being 3 and 11 years before the event shows the power of the Matrix and makes his other predictions something everyone needs to consider.

The accuracy of the Matrix has been proven time and time again with many predicted turns on different markets around the world provided by Steve Copan in the Matrix Newsletter long before they happened.

The trader who is looking to trade small 5 to 20 day swings all the way up to very large trends that last multi years, will feast on a buffet of information, which will enable the trader to fully understand the Matrix rules, the importance of Time, the logic of Matrix cycles and enable them to trade the markets with confidence.

The Market Matrix Book is priceless for the investor who wants to know how long bull trends and bear trends will last in whatever market they trade over whatever length of time they wish to trade.

It is difficult to comprehend how it is possible to collate so much valuable information and condense it into one single book but it has been done. The result however is a masterpiece, which in great detail shows and explains the Matrix method and tools that allow anyone to accurately pinpoint future turns on any market way before they happen. The only question you need to answer once you have acquired the book is which time cycle to trade. Whatever you chose, you will never regret investing your money in the Market Matrix. You will be amply rewarded through a superior knowledge of the Matrix and of course most importantly, when the market you trade will turn next.

The Market Matrix book is a must-have for anyone who wants to plan their trades accurately and see them through to their profitable completion with ease and confidence.

The limited edition Market Matrix book that was published in 2007 and sold for almost £1000 at that time but all copies sold out a long while ago so is not available any more but Steve has decided to make it now available in PDF format.

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