TradeThatSwing – Forex Swing Trading Course

TradeThatSwing – Forex Swing Trading Course

Learn how to capitalize on the largest market in the world—the 24-hour per day forex market. Learn precise patterns to watch for and trade, including indicator-based systematic methods as well as price action-based strategies.

The strategies provide favorable reward vs risk opportunities. Guidance is provided on which pairs to trade, on what time frames, as well as how to improve your performance.

Monitor the market for trade setups when it suits your schedule. Be as active as you like, finding patterns on hourly charts, or utilize a longer-term approach using daily or weekly charts if time is limited but you still want to learn to trade and potentially generate some returns.

What You’ll Learn In Forex Swing Trading Course?

  • Learn 3 powerful strategies that provide favorable risk/reward trades. Endless analysis methods or learning all sorts of technical or fundamental analysis is not required. Instead, we look for specific setups—I’ll show you what they are— where we can potentially make 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or more, what we risk on a trade.
  • The methods you will learn include weekly, daily, and hourly chart setups. Some are only traded on certain time frames, while other strategies can be traded on various time frames. This gives you the freedom to trade as actively or as passively as you wish. Trade actively if you have time, or take longer-term trades to generate potential returns in the background with minimal time required. Have multiple trades going at the same time if you wish, on different time frames, maximizing the use of your capital.
  • Learn how to establish the correct position size on each trade. No more losing a bunch of money or your whole account on each trade. I show you how to determine how much currency to buy/sell based on the parameters of that particular trade.
  • Learn how to make your trading work for you, creating and following a routine based on your schedule.
  • Learn how to find the trade setups quickly and efficiently. Don’t be reliant on others for tips or trading signals; learn to find setups on your own based on strategies you will learn and understand.
  • Learn how to profit from currency movements, as well as potentially earn daily interest in addition to capital gains. See how to find such opportunities.
  • Learn how to practice the methods and then improve your own performance once you begin trading. No more tirelessly searching for more information; rather you’ll learn how to look at your own performance to see where and how you can increase profits. This is a big focus of this course. I want to make you self-sufficient, not reliant on courses, others, or me. Throughout the videos, I show how you can monitor yourself, the market, and your trading, and notice areas of improvement over time. This allows you to improve the methods and your results over time, as well as adapt to changing market conditions that inevitably occur.
  • 13 detailed videos and more than 7 hours of video content.

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TradeThatSwing – Forex Swing Trading Course

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