Wyckoff Analytics – Long-Term Campaigns And Tactical Swing

Wyckoff Analytics – Long-Term Campaigns And Tactical Swing

In this long-anticipated series, Roman will describe in detail his approach to long-term campaigns and how he uses swing trades to hedge against his core positions during reactions. Appropriate for ALL LEVELS of students, these three webinars will focus on identifying, in advance, long-term institutional trends as well as trading tactics to deploy during the Price Cycle, focusing on augmenting your total campaign returns with swing trades.  This Special represents the culmination and synthesis of the “Intraday,” “Swing” and “Long-term Campaigns” trilogy that Roman has developed and refined over the past five years.

 As huge institutions begin to make significant commitments of capital, we can observe a change of behavior in Price and Volume, which is confirmed by the emergence of new momentum and relative out-performance. These tell-tale signs can facilitate our identification and selection of stocks that can produce substantial absolute and relative returns. This Special will provide you with clear guidelines to help you correctly identify directional bias and timing, and to unravel the “mysterious” character of the developing trend, specifically its potential velocity and sustainability.

The main intention behind this Special is to present a highly systematic approach of trading in alignment with “smart” institutional money. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Find the strongest long-term campaign candidates,
  2. Trade them for the long haul,
  3. Capitalize on short-term swings and hedge against your core position, and
  4. Automate parts of the process.

What You’ll Learn In Long-Term Campaigns And Tactical Swing?

Session 1: Main Concepts

  • The Price Cycle revisited
  • Mapping the Price Cycle
  • Best tactical trades within a full Price Cycle
  • Long-term campaign trades
  • Campaign trade characteristics
  • Using swing trades to enhance your long-term strategy
  • Homework assignment

Session 2: Trade Selection

Homework review

Selection criteria for:

  • Campaign trades
  • Swing trades

Optimal market environments for long-term and swing campaigns

Homework assignment

Session 3: Illustrative Case Studies, Filtering and Scanning

  • Homework review
  • Case study: Assessing the probable sustainability of a trend
  • Case study: Trading and hedging during market crashes
  • Filtering and scanning
  • Long-term campaign scans developed by “Johnny Scan” (aka John Colucci, the presenter for our popular October 2019 Special, “Scan for Success: Prospecting for Actionable Wyckoff Trade Candidates.”

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Wyckoff Analytics – Long-Term Campaigns And Tactical Swing

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